If you've landed here, I take that to mean that you are serious about making a change for the better of your financial future! 

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Just who is Shannon Marie Kill?

Wife to one, biological mother to two with a passion for the nations. My love for people is rivaled only by my confusion over them. I'm a self-proclaimed "Minimalist in the Making". I love plants & puppies & all things finance. (Don't mention "Compound Interest" within earshot of me unless you just want to talk to me all day) I'm an empath to the core and my gift in life is to meet people where they are & help get them to where they're going. 

And Just HOW Can I Help YOU?

Growing up in the States, a lot of us were taught that "hard work pays off", but the reality of this is that it doesn't HAVE to be hard to make your money work for you. I offer a series of courses & 1:1 coaching programs that will take you from that feeling of hopelessness that comes from the fear that you may NEVER escape the nasty debt cycle to a place of confidence in your financial freedom. With my help, you will discover how capable you are of making a real change in your life & put that anxiety monster to bed FOR GOOD. 

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