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August 11, 2017

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SMK Freelance: Seeking Out Inspiration Instead of Waiting

May 4, 2019

For the 3 of you who have subscribed, hi and thanks and sorry again it's been so long. My hope is that one day this will be one of a thousand archived posts that gets lost in the sea of really well written content that people care about, but for now, I'm tired of not writing. I'm tired of waiting for inspiration to strike and then feeling so overwhelmed by feelings of "no one will find value in this" that I end up not writing. I have a standing "to-do" list in the form of a note on my phone and something that stays on that list is "WRITE SOMETHING"  (right next to "fold laundry") and for more reasons than I can even remember, some legitimate and some based in fear, here we are a year later with a year's worth of experiences and no posts to prove it. 


About a week ago, someone reached out to me about representing their brand. This happens often, but, as if I have any "right" to be, I'm particularly picky about the brands I partner with, so I questioned them about their practices and never received a response. Just FYI, if you point blank ask a company if their clothing is made in a sweat shop (in a much more professional way, of course) and they never respond, that's a pretty solid indication that your conscious can't afford their low prices. I digress. What did happen though, is that I decided to SEEK OUT at least one new company that's doing great things. What I can tell you is that Instagram is full of networking opportunities. I have long been an advocate of the #hashtag and it's ability to connect people for the weirdest reasons and I have created some of the most meaningful relationships from those connections, so I do not shy away from going down rabbit holes when I'm on a mission. I won't go too much in to some of the brands I've discovered, but what I will say that I am currently an ambassador for about half a dozen brands that I am genuinely excited about. Some of these have been a part of my journey since I started this thing a few years ago and some of them are brand new to me, but I will be sharing a lot more about all of them in the near future and I hope you all find as much value in this information as I find in sharing it. 


I do want to be clear that, in some cases, I am being compensated monetarily for any sales that are traced back to me. I think it's great that companies value their ambassadors roles in their success enough to pay them for it, but I can not stress enough that if you are someone who is looking to partner with brands in this way that you do the research first. Transparency is very important to me and I only partner with brands who align with my personal beliefs. That makes for a lot more work on my part and a lot less income because it severely limits the opportunities that are presented to me, but it does make it so that I can say if you see me supporting a brand, it's because I trust them.


All that said, if you are following this journey from the beginning or if this is years from now and this happens to pop up somewhere, I appreciate you being here and I promise to keep integrity at the forefront of everything I do. 

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